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Dear Parents,

Do you feel that you are more stressed and concerned about your child’s result than them? Do you sometimes wish that they are more hardworking and focus their attention on important things? Do you label them as “lazy”, “forgetful” or “have a short attention span”?

That’s all not true. They are VERY hardworking, and have a GREAT attention span… when playing games. They can play for 24 hours non stop, forgoing sleep if you let them. Their memory is also FANTASTIC… at remembering song lyrics, word for word, even in a language they do not understand. 

Why can’t they use the same attention and focus on studies then? 

Simple. Studying is boring. The way schools teach is BORING. That’s the reason why kids are distracted! 

What if your child can learn how to make studying interesting and easy? Will they be willing to study and study well? Of course!

Your child will master these 3 Skill Sets

Learning Mastery 
We believe that all children have the potential to excel academically. The reason some students find learning difficult and boring is not because they are not intelligent but because they have not learnt how to learn effectively or found the strategy that suits their natural learning preference. 

Personal Mastery 
On top of effective learning strategies, we believe in strengthening our youth in the winner’s mindset to overcome setbacks and motivate themselves towards success. This is why we engage your children with highly effective experiential training and personal transformation techniques to equip them with personal and life skills beyond the needs of the classroom. 

Relationship Mastery 
The ability to communicate effectively is an essential skill in our interconnected world. We infuse our programmes with team bonding and interpersonal skills such as respect for others and rapport-building so that your children will develop the skills to nurture the harmonious relationship in their life and forge resourceful networks for their future career. 

Hear It From Our Graduates!

“I used to give up easily and hence my grades had always been average. I Am Gifted!™ helped me understand that there are no such things as failures in life but only learning experiences. This concept stuck in my head and I followed it even after all these years. Thanks to the trainers, they showed me the 10-step effective study formula and as a result I scored 10 A*s for my final exams. More importantly, I understood the importance of “Who I Am Makes a Difference”, inspiring me to take small steps to achieve success in my life!”
Keven Cheng
I Am Gifted! Graduates
“Before I Am Gifted!™, I was unmotivated and never set specific goals in my life. I found studying boring and always scored D’s for Maths. After attending the school holiday programme, I transformed my mindset and found it easier to achieve better grades in my exams. I started to score A’s consistently for Maths. I also found myself arguing less with my parents.”
Ken Lee
I Am Gifted! Graduates
"Giving me the opportunity to attend I Am Gifted! was one of the best decisions my parents have made for me. Before the programme, I was a lazy, impatient, unsociable and irresponsible person who always argues with my parents. The programme not only helped in my academics, but empowered me to be more confident, positive and focused on my goals. I appreciate how much my parents love me now and understand that without them, I wouldn't be where I am."
Amanda Cheam
I Am Gifted! Graduates

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