A workshop that will help students enhance their examination skills. 

Let's start with the 3 Deadly sins of exams


Young students often put more value on what is happening today than what will happen tomorrow. This can even make working on homework something they push off until they absolutely have to, let alone exams. Thus, procrastination happens leading students to stress, frustration and poor grades.


Many students do not manage their time resulting in cramming for exams. Even though it doesn't hurt to review material the night before a big test, cramming a whole bunch of information in the final hours isn't usually the best strategy for acing a test. Instead, having a study plan and starting earlier is a better way to absorb information.


Examinations pressurise students which leads to stress and anxiety. This is because students tend to worry about performing to a certain academic level. While a certain amount of stress is normal or expected, too much can interfere with daily life potentially poor test performance.

With UPSR, PT3 and SPM around the corner, we understand that this is a crucial time for every student. That is why we have specially developed this workshop to help the students;

  • Build a positive mindset towards exams
  • Learn the best way to study
  • Cope with exam stress

Many students do not apply the correct study strategy which is the main cause of low grades. Therefore, during this workshop we cover various aspects to ease the process of studying of this exam season. We start with the belief system, the most important part of a studying method. Believing help students to have a positive mindset. This will make sure that the students start off their exam prep in the right way which is guaranteed to ease the examination process. 



Here is What You Can Expect From This Workshop


An incredible memory can help a student improve in school and accomplish better grades. 

Speed Reading

In order to be an effective learner, students must read through their textbooks just once. 


Time Management

It is extremely imperative to plan well and be organised way before the examination starts.

So parents, is your child struggling to study? Seeing your child being stressed can definitely stress you out too. We can help you ease the stress.
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