Help your children engage in
personal transformation techniques

Let's raise our next generation to not just Be book-smart workers,
but independent & driven leaders!

Now, How do we do that?

Our I Am gifted! camp will help the children Learn:

  • to set clear and measurable goals to drive towards achieving goals
  • to manage emotions and bring out the right ‘mood’ to focus during study time
  • How successful students consistently have the motivated and positive mindsets & beliefs
  • How actions affect thinking and vice-versa, influencing the confidence level in everyone
  • How Positive Attitude can help strengthen a winner’s mindset to turn setbacks into fruitful learning experiences
  • The 10 Success principles that i am gifted! graduates should follow to help overcome any challenges
“I used to give up easily and hence my grades had always been average. I Am Gifted!™ helped me understand that there are no such things as failures in life but only learning experiences. This concept stuck in my head and I followed it even after all these years. Thanks to the trainers, they showed me the 10-step effective study formula and as a result I scored 10 A*s for my final exams. More importantly, I understood the importance of “Who I Am Makes a Difference”, inspiring me to take small steps to achieve success in my life!”
Keven Cheng
I Am Gifted! Graduates
“Before I Am Gifted!™, I was unmotivated and never set specific goals in my life. I found studying boring and always scored D’s for Maths. After attending the school holiday programme, I transformed my mindset and found it easier to achieve better grades in my exams. I started to score A’s consistently for Maths. I also found myself arguing less with my parents.”
Ken Lee
I Am Gifted! Graduates
"Giving me the opportunity to attend I Am Gifted! was one of the best decisions my parents have made for me. Before the programme, I was a lazy, impatient, unsociable and irresponsible person who always argues with my parents. The programme not only helped in my academics, but empowered me to be more confident, positive and focused on my goals. I appreciate how much my parents love me now and understand that without them, I wouldn't be where I am."
Amanda Cheam
I Am Gifted! Graduates

Let this school holidays open up your child’s heart and mind, led by discoveries of his or her strengths and drive towards finding their true qualities and potentials.

Join us to find out how you and your child can combat all these challenges together, and seek the joy for learning to be self-motivated achievers of their individual learning journey.

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