Danny Tong

Danny Tong

Senior Trainer Bachelor of Science in Business Studies

Danny Tong has carved a proven track record of helping more than 48,500 youths and adults realise their potential. Zealous and impactful in his trainings, his forte lies in helping participants break through their limiting beliefs and achieve their goals.

With over a decade of training experience, Danny has sharpened and accumulated a broad range of skills from leadership and strategic management to coaching and mentoring. Adept at training people from all walks of life, he has touched the lives of children, adults, students and educators across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam and more.

With his rich experience in training students, Danny deeply understands their needs and is able to build strong rapport with them. Being a father of one also enables Danny to empathise with the challenges parents face. As such, he is the current anchor trainer for family cohesion and parenting seminars held in collaboration by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) and South East Community Development Council.

Danny has been personally trained by famous author and educational neuroscience trainer, Eric Jensen, on Brain-Based Learning; TetraMap® creators, Yoshimi and Jon Brett; and Cathryn Berger Kaye on 21st century skills; Dr Barbara Oakley and Terence Sejnowski on Learning How To Learn.

Once an underachiever, Danny’s resilient mindset and hunger for knowledge has driven him towards success in life. Today, he continues to uphold excellence in his field of work and is a catalyst that transforms the lives of many.

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