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Dear Parents,

At I Am Gifted!™, we believe all children are born gifted. All kids and teenagers have within them the gifts of learning, self-expression, leadership and creativity. We designed the I Am Gifted!™ school holiday programmes to empower them with the confidence and 21st century skills to unlock their greatest potential. 

Created by Mr. Adam Khoo in 2003, our school holiday programmes have transformed the lives of over 800,000 youths across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Philippines, India and more. 

Our fun and holistic curriculum empowers your children to embrace learning and score A’s in school and in life. Delivered with love by our team of brain-based learning specialists, our content is backed by world-renowned neuroscience professors Dr. Terrence Sejnowski and Dr. Barbara Oakley.

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I Am Gifted!™ Testimonials

Don't Just Hear It From Us... Hear It From Our Graduates!

Hear from the I Am Gifted!™ Graduates and know what makes this I Am Gifted!™ camp a very successful empowerment experience for your child

Trusted by Thousand of Students & Parents

” Giving me the opportunity to attend I Am Gifted!™ was one of the best decisions my parents have made for me. Before the programme, I was a lazy, impatient, unsociable and irresponsible person who always argued with my parents. This school holiday programme not only helped in my academics, but empowered me to be more confident, positive and focused on all the goals I set in life. I appreciate how much my parents love me now and understand that without them, I wouldn’t be where I am. I Am Gifted!™ is a MUST-GO for children of all ages. “
Amanda Cheam
” I was a very shy person with low self-confidence when I attended I Am Gifted!™ Junior at 10 years old. I remember in Primary 2, I had to go on stage for a storytelling competition but froze the moment I saw the huge crowd. At this school holiday programme, my coaches Carmen and Siew Kuan helped me realise I had to take the initiative to keep meeting new people to break away from my fears. Now, I coach with I Am Gifted!™ to inspire other kids like the old me. I hope for the opportunity to coach in the overseas programmes when I get older. “
Amelyn Kok
” I Am Gifted!™ was an eye-opening experience. It taught me the importance of oneself, true friends, and the key to communicating well with my loved ones. The Learning Mastery skills helped me study subjects much more efficiently. I learnt to manage time between my studies, 2 CCAs and music classes (I was pursuing a diploma in music). I set a goal to be the top 25% in school, and despite failures, I learnt to persevere and learn from my mistakes. At the end of Sec 3, I topped Biology and Chemistry and ranked among the top 30 — far surpassing my goal. I even won the Edusave Merit Bursary and Good Progress Award for the vast improvements in my grades! “
Tan Hong Wen (Darius)
” I was the kind of student that gave up easily and hence my grades had always been average. I Am Gifted!™ helped me understand that there are no such things as failures in life but only learning experiences. This concept stuck in my head and I followed it even after all these years. Thanks to the trainers, they showed me the 10-step effective study formula and as a result I scored 10 A*s for my final exams. More importantly, I understood the importance of “Who I Am Makes a Difference”, inspiring me to take small steps to achieve success in my life! “
Keven Cheang