Feeling confuse on how to raise children with different types of personality?
Change your child from a test to a testimonial.

Are your children showing rebellious behaviour at home?

According to “The Psychiatry and Behavioral Health Learning Network”,  the COVID-19 stress is taking a toll on parent-child relationships. 

In a survey conducted by lead author Shawna J. Lee, PhD, an associate professor of social work, and coauthor Kaitlin Ward, a doctoral student , 61% of parents say they have shouted, yelled, or screamed at their children at least once over the span of the first 2 weeks of quarantine.

It may not be your fault. Your child may be experiencing stress as they are deprived of basic social interactions with their peers making them exert some of their anger at you. They may also seek to rebel as the structure school that was given to them has now may very well have disappeared. 

Does your child often have unpredictable mood swings?

Most toddlers would grow out of their temper tantrums but what if it persist through their schooling years? As a parents managing these unpredictable outbursts may seem like an impossible task. They might also unintentionally hurt those they care about during one of their episodes.
Find out how they can learn to manage their anger

Any of these situation seems all too familiar?

Does your child isolate themselves from the family unit or their peers?

As parents, it is discouraging to see your child look on as their peers play on. You want to step in but you don't know how. Does your child exert anxiety symptoms like no eye contact or periods of immobility when faced with social expectations?
Find out how they can learn to be more confident

Parents POV

“My kids never listen to what i say!”

“I don’t understand why are they behaving like that!”

“I don’t know how to deal with their issues”

“I am doing this for their own good, but why do they rebel?”

“Am I a bad parent for not knowing how to deal with their problems?”

Does everyday feels like a family tug-of-war ?

Children POV

“My parents don’t understand me! It is so frustrating!” 

“Why are they always so naggy, its annoying?”

“They don’t trust me with anything!”

“I wish my parents will just leave me alone”

“Will I ever be good enough for my parents?”

Confused Why Your Child Responds And Behaves The Way They Do?

Who Is This Module For?

  • Rebellious Teens
  • Isolated Children
  • Short Tempered Children
  • Pampered Children
  • Stubborn Teens

How will this Course Benefit Your Child?

  • Your child will be able to understand themselves better
  • Your child will be able to learn to identify & focus on their strengths
  • Your child will be able to identify & work on their weaknesses
  • Your child will learn to appreciate you more
  • Your child will learn to manage and master their emotions

What will be covered during this session?

  • Introduction to the “Self”
  • Personality Analysis
  • Why Are We Behaving Like That?
  • How Our Personality Affects Us?
  • How Our Personality Affects Others?
  • Leveraging On Your Own Strength
  • Coping With Your Own Weakness
  • Mastering Your Emotions



Date: 22nd August 2020

Time: 10am - 1pm


” Giving me the opportunity to attend I Am Gifted!™ was one of the best decisions my parents have made for me. Before the programme, I was a lazy, impatient, unsociable and irresponsible person who always argued with my parents.

This school holiday programme not only helped in my academics, but empowered me to be more confident, positive and focused on all the goals I set in life.

I appreciate how much my parents love me now and understand that without them, I wouldn’t be where I am. I Am Gifted!™ is a MUST-GO for children of all ages. “

Amanda Cheam
I Am Gifted!™ graduate of March holiday programme 2008

Go From This ...

... To This.

Empower your child TODAY
with our self-discovery journey !

For ages 12-19 years old​

Original Price Value :



Limited Time Offer

Early Bird Registration
RM 338
  • 3 Hour "Gen Z Survival Kit @ Home" Webinar
  • Child's Personality Analysis Report
  • +
  • BONUS - 1 Hour Parents Follow Up Session

Special Graduates Offer

I Am Gifted! Graduates only~
RM 258
  • 3 Hour "Gen Z Survival Kit @ Home" Webinar
  • Child's Personality Analysis Report
  • +
  • BONUS - 1 Hour Parents Follow Up Session

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About Our Trainer

Lead Trainer I Am Gifted!™ Malaysia
Graduated in International College of Music (Composition, Arranging & Audio Production)
Graduated Specialist Advanced Psychology in Raffles

Joey Seok joined the I Am Gifted!™ program  as a participant back in 2004. Where he turned over a new leaf, from a rebellious and mischievous trouble-maker to volunteering as a coach for 5 consecutive years after joining the 2004 I Am Gifted!™ camp.

He later became an official trainer for Adam Khoo Learning Technology Group back in 2012. Where after just a year into his career as a trainer he was promoted to Head of Coach Manager in year 2013. Since then, Joey has trained students across the entire Asia continent such as Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore. He has trained over 15,000 students and parents, touching and changing lives along the way.

Joey was also certified by Adam Khoo & Richard Bandler Neuro-Linguistic Programming in year 2018. Thereafter, he integrated and started the course called Wealth Academy Teens in that same year. In 2019, he was certified as a official TetraMap facilitator and promoted to Malaysia Lead Trainer .

Passionate and hardworking with going the extra mile to ensure that the lives of parents and children across Asia will impacted. His has an inspiring drive to continuously help participants break through their own limiting mindset and soar to greater heights.

” I was a very shy person with low self-confidence when I attended I Am Gifted!™ Junior at 10 years old. I remember in Primary 2, I had to go on stage for a storytelling competition but froze the moment I saw the huge crowd.

At this school holiday programme, my coaches Carmen and Siew Kuan helped me realise I had to take the initiative to keep meeting new people to break away from my fears.

Now, I coach with I Am Gifted!™ to inspire other kids like the old me. I hope for the opportunity to coach in the overseas programmes when I get older. 

Amelyn Kok
I Am Gifted!™ graduate of June holiday programme 2008

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