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Discover The Strategies That 800,000 Students in Asia Have Used to Transform Their Learning & Achieve A’s in School & Life

Join Our Upcoming 3-Hour Mind & Personal Development Workshop

Attend a fun and educational FREE 3-hour workshop with your child and discover powerful strategies to excel in school and life!

Workshop is suitable for child 9 – 19 years old.
*Parents are required to attend.

Your child will master these 3 Skill Sets

Learning Mastery

We believe that all children have the potential to excel academically. The reason some students find learning difficult and boring is not because they are not intelligent but because they have not learnt how to learn effectively or found the strategy that suits their natural learning preference. 

Personal Mastery

On top of effective learning strategies, we believe in strengthening our youth in the winner’s mindset to overcome setbacks and motivate themselves towards success. This is why we engage your children with highly effective experiential training and personal transformation techniques to equip them with personal and life skills beyond the needs of the classroom. 

Relationship Mastery

The ability to communicate effectively is an essential skill in our interconnected world. We infuse our programmes with team bonding and interpersonal skills such as respect for others and rapport-building so that your children will develop the skills to nurture the harmonious relationship in their life and forge resourceful networks for their future career. 

Dear Parents,

Have you seen your child’s eyes sparkle with joy at something that interests him or her so much, to the extent that the amount of effort and admiration of the “something” amazes you? Secretly, you wished that “something” could be a school subject that your child strongly dislikes or an impossible task that you could never get him or her to complete (even with rewards!)

What if you could change that – to turn something that your child dislikes into something enjoyable and worth his or her time doing?

From our 17 years of experience coaching over 800,000 students, we know your heart-pains.

  •  My child is not disciplined and self-motivated.
  •  My child doesn’t know what he wants to do after completing secondary school.
  •  My child procrastinates ALL the time and NEVER takes anything seriously.
  •  My child only loves to play with his phone and doesn’t have interest in anything else.
  •  My child refuses to speak to me about anything and shrugs me off when I talk to him! 

Let this school holidays open up your child’s heart and mind, led by discoveries of his or her strengths and drive towards finding their true qualities and potentials. Join us to find out how you and your child can combat all these challenges together, and seek the joy for learning to be self-motivated achievers of their individual learning journey.

Hear It From Our Graduates!

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