I Am Gifted!™ Youth Camp Intake 2023

I Am Gifted!™ – Bringing you the best December school holiday programmes, learning activities for kids and teens, and study tips for students since 2003. Only for students aged 12 & above.

31st May 2023 –  3rd June 2023
9.00am – 6.00pm
Klang Valley (TBC)

Who should attend?

I Am Gifted!™ 4-Day Camp Learning Outcomes

Life & Personal Mastery:
  • Success Principles & Ultimate Success Formula
  • Self – Esteem VS Confidence
  • Power Of Belief
  • Self-Discovery Profiling (Personality Analysis)
  • Framework On A Successful Person In Your Life
  • Power Of Physiology
  • Emotional State
  • Control Collaborative Learning
  • Interpersonal & Leadership Skills

Relationship Mastery:

  • Ultimate Success Communication (Family & Friends)

Learning Mastery:

  • 10 Step Framework
  • Info Gathering Techniques (Online Research) 
  • Digital Mindmap Techniques & Digital Slides Presentation 
  • Next Level Of Effective Memory Techniques 
  • Time Management Tools 
  • Personal Future Blueprint
  • Examination Skills

Digital Mastery:

  • Cyberbullying & Online Social Awareness & Etiquette
  • Digital Learning Strategies (Platform & Tools)
  • Current Digital Trends (How To Make Use Of It)
  • Personal Branding

I Am Gifted!™ Camp Details:

I Am Gifted!™ Camp – Preparatory session

Date: June (TBC)
Time: 2.00pm – 3.00pm
Online Venue: ZOOM Platform
*This session mainly to brief parents the camp pre-requisites and what to prepare for their child(ren) prior and during camp.

I Am Gifted!™ Camp – 3rd – 5th December 2023

Day 1: June (TBC) 9.00am – 6.00pm
Day 2: June (TBC) 9.00am – 6.00pm
Day 3: June (TBC) 9.00am – 6.00pm
Day 4: June (TBC) 9.00am – 6.00pm

Klang Valley (TBC)

I Am Gifted!™ Camp – Parenting session

Date: June (TBC)
Time: 2.00pm – 5.00pm
Online Venue: ZOOM Platform

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Real Experience With Real People​

Meet The People With Passion

Joey Seok
I Am Gifted!™ Trainer

JOEY SEOK, joined as an official coach & trainer for Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group in 2012, where after just a year into his career as a coach & trainer, he was promoted to Head of Coach in 2013.

Since then, Joey has trained students across the entire South East Asia region such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore. He has trained over 15,000 students and parents; touching and changing lives along the way.

He is a passionate and hardworking individual, going the extra mile to ensure that the lives of the children and the parents across Asia are impacted. He has an inspiring drive to continuously help participants breakthrough their own limiting mindset and soar to greater heights.

Graduates with Experience
The Coaches Of I Am Gifted!™

At I Am Gifted!™ we believe that passionate people are the key to success. And that our work here should be fun, educational and something you truly believe in. It needs to have you jumping out of bed in the morning, excited about who you can inspire and who can inspire you.

Our culture and leadership development workplace attract talented applicants around Malaysia. Most of these coaches have been working with some of the best minds in the business.

We have helped all kinds of people achieve academically and personally through our coaching and mentoring session. Our coaches are serious about success and will help your child reach their goals.

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Over a Decade of Life-Transforming Results and Success Stories

Hear It From Our Graduates!

“Before I Am Gifted!™ , I was unmotivated to study as I felt that it was boring. I had the mindset that studying would not help me at all. I also did not have a goal.

However, during I Am Gifted!™ , my coach shared with me the importance of setting a goal and how I can control my emotions to make the right choice. I also learnt useful study techniques like note-making, speed-reading and super memory.”

Un Jen Young

I Am Gifted!™ Graduate

“I Am Gifted!™ was an eye-opening experience. It taught me the importance of oneself, true friends, and the key to communicating well with my loved ones.

The Learning Mastery skills helped me study subjects much more efficiently. At the end of Sec 3, I topped Biology and Chemistry and ranked among the top 30 — far surpassing my goal. I even won the Edusave Merit Bursary and Good Progress Award for the vast improvements in my grades!”

Tan Hong Wen (Darius)

I Am Gifted!™ Graduate

“I was a very shy person with low self-confidence when I attended I Am Gifted!™ Junior at 10 years old. I remember in Primary 2, I had to go on stage for a storytelling competition but froze the moment I saw the huge crowd.

Now, I coach with I Am Gifted!™ to inspire other kids like the old me. I hope for the opportunity to coach in the overseas programmes when I get older.”

Amelyn Kok

I Am Gifted!™ Graduate