I Am Gifted!™ Malaysia

Learning Methodology

Dear parents, it’s the 21st century and learning is getting digital and interconnected. How does this impact our children’s learning?

This means that the “old-school” way of learning that we went through when we were kids is no longer relevant or useful to our children today.

To help our children get a head-start in their learning, we need to embrace change — we need to give them the latest resources to boost their learning experience.

This will allow them to learn easier, faster, stronger, deeper, and most importantly, HAVE FUN while they embrace these learning activities.

With help from the world-renowned learning experts in our Global Advisory Council, we have upgraded our curriculum since 2015 using proven neuroscience-based research and highly interactive engagement formats to suit your child’s unique learning needs.


Social Proof – Learning from Peer Responses


What is social proof? Many psychology books have covered this topic. In a nutshell, it means that people tend to believe that the actions of people around them are correct or desirable.

For example, if two shops A and B sell exactly the same type of chicken rice, and we see a long queue for shop A, we are likely to think that shop A’s chicken rice is more delicious. Isn’t that true?

Similarly, our children’s thinking are often influenced by the actions of those close to them. We’re sure the term “peer pressure” is familiar to you.

At the I Am Gifted!™ school holiday programmes, we ask interactive questions and use live polling to help your children see real-time choices made by their fellow programme mates.

Rather than a dull, “textbook” approach, we use their peers’ responses as “proof” to touch on sensitive topics that affect your children’s personal and social life. In doing so, we guide them positively in their mindset and decision-making.

On top of these, we will share big data polled from our school holiday programmes in Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines to help your children appreciate their sameness and differences with students around Asia.


Gamification – Learning through Play

metholodolgy2Do you notice your children’s eyes light up whenever they’re playing games? How about studying time? They’re not so enthusiastic, right? That’s because they associate games with fun and relaxation, while they see studying as difficult, boring, stressful. Now what if we add games to learning?

Truth is, games are a form of active learning and problem-solving. At the I Am Gifted!™ school holiday programmes, rather than listen to “boring old lectures”, your children will transform into world-saving heroes in our exciting “Path of Heroes” simulation game.

Immersed in a vivid marketplace of trades and choices, every path your children take in the game will reflect their actions in real life. As they discover newfound things about themselves while having fun, they will learn how to better solve problems and make smarter decisions.


Cutting Edge Content – Learning with Neuroscience

metholodolgy3Like you, we want your children to learn from the best. While being subject matter specialists in learning since 2003, we continue to ask ourselves, “How else can we make learning easier, faster, stronger and deeper for these kids and teens?”

In 2015, we are honoured to join arms with world-renowned learning experts, Professor Terrence Sejnowski and Professor Barbara Oakley. By infusing cutting-edge neuroscience discoveries in our new and improved curriculum, your children can now overcome their challenges and master learning in any subject they desire.

The I Am Gifted!™ school holiday programmes are also proudly certified and endorsed by our Global Advisory Council.


Video-Making Project – Learning through Content Creation & Peer Teaching

metholodolgy4Here’s a study woe faced by many students: “I spent the whole night studying this chapter, only to forget everything the next day!” Many times, students attempt to memorise information through rote learning, only to realise they have not actually absorbed the content.

So how do we know if we have REALLY  learnt? One of the best learning hacks is to teach it to someone else! You see, in order to teach a topic to another person, we MUST become good at it first.

At the I Am Gifted!™ school holiday programmes, your child will be challenged to create video content out of a study topic. As they prepare for it, they will learn to internalise information through interesting ways and reinforce learning while explaining to others.

At the same time, this project work helps them leverage technology for peer learning, in a video-filled world dominated by YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat.


Digital-Blended Library – Learning Online

metholodolgy5As parents making an investment in our children’s learning, we all want to know if the strategies are sustainable. “Will my children continue to apply the skills taught, or will they forget after 3 weeks?”

Well, you’ll be happy to know that your children’s I Am Gifted!™ experience doesn’t just end with the four to five-day immersion camps.

All IAG graduates enjoy a one-year access to our library of digital learning resources to help them recap, reinforce and practise the strategies they have learnt.

From our decade-long experience, we know that every student has unique learning curves, needs and styles. So we created this digital-blended library to support their learning till they achieve mastery of their skill sets.