Melvin Chew

Melvin Chew

Senior Trainer

For over 12 years, Melvin Chew has been impacting lives in the training field for both Youth and Adults. To date, he has been involved in realizing the potential for over 56,000 youth and adult learners. His passion lies in allowing people to realized their own potential and that everything can be achieve as long as they choose for it to be.

Once an underachiever, Melvin deeply understands the difficulties that most learners go through and utilize that edge to relate to his learners. He always strives for the best in his training and allows his learners to gain breakthroughs in their lives.

Being Bilingual, Melvin has also been invited to train in various countries. To date, he has impact the lives of Youth and Parents in places like, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Nanning, Shengyang, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Jarkata, Bandung, and Hongkong. He was even awarded a special commentary award for education excellence in Beijing back in 2012.

Melvin started his humble beginnings as an outdoor coach during his youth, and it was during that period in his life that he found his calling to work in making a difference in others. His ability to relate and build connections has allowed him to be involved in Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), SouthEast and SouthWest Community Development Council and Health Promotion Board Training sessions.

Personally trained and guided by Eric Jensen on Brain Based Learning, Duke Kelly on Impact Teaching, Catherine Berger Kaye on 21st Century Skills, Melvin never stops to improve himself to better relate and make those connections that can fulfill his life purpose of making a difference in others.

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