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Wealth Academy Teens Overview ( 13-19 years old )

~ If parents work hard while their children have it easy, their grandchildren will end up begging ~ 

Financial security for tomorrow starts with a strong financial foundation today. Through rigorous research, we discovered that one of parents’ top 3 concerns is financial security for their kids. This is especially true in Malaysia, where inflation rates and cost of living rises sky high year after year. As parents, we strive to give our children the best, such that they never have to worry about money. However, I think we agree that we are not going to provide for them all their lives. If they grow up with bad money habits, we will not be able to save them from debts and other financial burdens in the future.

Together with the team behind Wealth Academy, Asia’s Leading Financial Training School, I Am Gifted!TM (Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group’s flagship programme) developed Wealth Academy Teens, to empower teenagers to make sound financial decisions and be financially savvy to have a head start over their peers.

Teenagers between 13 ~19-year-olds who:

  • Lack understanding of financial concepts e.g. bills, insurance, deposits, interests, investments, businesses etc
  • Have poor money management or unhealthy spending habits
  • Want to learn how to save & budget effectively towards a long term goal (save up for something they want)
  • Want to be ahead of their peers in achieving financial security
  • Want to enrich their non-academic skills
  • Want to achieve financial freedom before their peers

After the 3-day programme, your teenage child will be able to…

  • Establish The Right Wealth Mindset
  • Develop Good Spending, Budgeting & Saving Habits
  • Understand How Wealth Is Created & Appreciate The Value of Money
  • Experience Innovating a Business Idea

Establish The Right Wealth Mindset

Differentiate between Needs & Wants

Understand types of money & currencies

Developing Good Money Habits

Learn to save before spending

Understand different types of deposits

Be able to reap the benefits of credit cards while identifying its dangers

See the magic of compounding interests & how money births more money

Budget for current needs & future wants

Understand How Wealth Is Created

Be exposed to different investment vehicles

Understand how people and businesses make money

Present A Business Idea

Plan & present their own business idea

The Wealth Academy Teens programme will first instil in your child the correct mindsets towards money. Through interesting stories and illustrations, they will understand what is money, how it is used, how is it earned and the different forms of money e.g cash, credit cards, online transaction etc. Your child will also learn the difference between Needs & Wants, and how to budget for each.

Through hands on activities such as online research, quizzes, presentation, live bidding and winning of virtual money, your child will learn about deposit, interests, investments, and businesses.

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Join us & discover the tips and strategies that Money Smart Parents use to bring up Money Smart Teenagers!

Wealth Academy Teens

( 13 - 19 Years Old )

Join us and discover the most effective habits that your child MUST cultivate  in order to set foot onto the path towards financial stability

24th – 26th March 2019 ( Sun-Tues )